A little about me.

I have two wonderful children with my husband Peter, Nathan and Rebecca and a chocolate Labrador who I adore and a worldly old cat that adopted me.

We live just west of Byron Bay, where I was born, and look over the valleys of the northern rivers. I love to write, cook and sing. I have studied piano and voice and that maybe why I am attracted to rhyme.

Reading has been a major part of my life and that of my children. I started reading to them when they were just months old. As a family we enjoy music and rhythm is an important part of storytelling.

Food and cooking are a special part of my life. I had a great aunt who was a wonderful country cook and this is where my love of cooking began. She lived just one block away and I spent many afternoons with her learning to bake scones, cakes and cookies.

My work is descriptive, personal and usually connected to this spectacular area I am lucky enough to live in. The white sandy beaches around Byron Bay where I grew up swimming and fishing with my family and out to the mountains and rivers where my grandparents lived.
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