My Dad Loves Fishing

My dad Ron loves to fish every day
And there is so much choice in the Bay
Great fishing spots where he can walk the beach
All within fifteen minutes reach
The Belongil, Wreck, Main beach and Clarks
Then a short walk and you’re at the Pass
Around the corner Wategos and the bream hole
When the fish are on dad will rock and roll
Casting his spinning rod chest deep in the ocean
From the shore a curious motion
But then you will hear “yabba dabba doo”
And this means fish, and you knew!
A very happy dad he will be all day
With a bag full of fish he is on his way
Home to mum where he will clean and fillet
Ready to be crumbed and fried in the skillet
Next day Cosy Corner is the spot
Where the whiting are running hot
Walking Tallow beach he can spend the whole day
One of his favourite places in the Bay
Tallow stretches south down to Broken Head
With many miles of beach you can tread
Digging for Pippies, they make great bait
And bumping into an old fishing mate
Dad can spend a very big part of a day
Chasing fish, swimming and whistling away
He was born in the bay and the beaches give him much joy
At heart he is always a happy young boy!
Kim Dewar (Phelps)
Ron Phelps - Tallow Beach "Cosy Corner", Byron Bay 1959 
Ron Phelps aka. "Ronnie "Phippy" Phelps" in his best beach fishing outfit
Phippy because he used pippies as bate always