My name is Kim and I love to write poems and children’s stories.
I enjoy singing and playing music and use rhythm and rhyme in my work.
Often my stories start as songs in my mind and then flow to language on a page.
Imagination is a gift to share with children to encourage them to explore. 
Below I have included just some of my story ideas and poems, many are finished waiting publication.  

Arie the chocolate labrador

Below are the first eight lines from the original poem of fifty two lines.

Now Arie the Chocolate Labrador is a series of wonderful stories for children 0 - 4 years.
Arie is my chocolate Labrador
   who I absolutely do adore
He was a birthday surprise for me
   and is as cute as cute can be!

He has chocolate eyes and chocolate hair
   and his ears are silky and soft as air
He loves to play and catch his toys
   especially those that make a noise

Tilly the Giraffe

My new story I am working on....

My Dad Loves Fishing

My dad loves fishing is about my dad Ron and his love of the sea and fishing. He was one of Byron Bay’s unique characters. Like most dads there is more than one story to tell and there will be more about him in the future.